About Idan

Idan Morim’s musical practice centers around creating frames, strong and clear, so that the most majestic chronicles can unfold.

The Israeli native - New York based guitarist and composer stands out in his compelling yet sharp and intense style and sound. Departing off of musical traditions advocating improvisation, intensity and the stepping into imperfections - Idan’s musical storytelling is both intricate and primal.


The young guitarist had already established himself twice, working professionally from age 16: Once as an in-demand musician in Israel, and again in New-York where he’s been rapidly acquiring a reputation for his playing and composing since relocating just a few years ago.


Beyond his constant endeavors as a bandleader, Idan has always been immersed in many different projects, bands and styles of music - striving to confluence his personal sound and vision with that of others - taking part in numerous performances and recordings, as well as composing for film and dance.


His original music, Idan performs under the name I.M, and he can be heard in a variety of New York’s iconic venues such as 55 Bar, Cornelia Street Cafe, Highline Ballroom, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos and many more in addition to his weekly trio concerts at Injera NYC on Sunday nights.